Monday, May 28, 2012

My Secret Society

Hi everyone. This is my first official blog!!! I like talk about everything from health and beauty to entertainment and politics. I'll give my advice on how I feel about certain issues and look forward to hearing feedback from anyone that wants to share their feelings. Let me tell you a little about me first, my name is Kay and I'm a 29 year old single mom born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. I joined the Navy and served 4 years out in Cali. Met some really great people and learned a lot and had some great experiences out there. I also had a life-altering change while serving my country. I was diagnosed with a skin condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa, or acne inversa. Doesn't sound bad, but little did I know, I was in for a rude awakening. In the 9 years of having this condition, my doctors are almost at the same place they were when I was first diagnosed. I have had 7 surgical procedures and have been hospitalized a countless number of times. So, I started to do my own research and have found that there is very little information on this condition. No one knows exactly what causes it or how to cure it. So I went into depression mode because this condition and all my surgeries and flare-ups has left me permanently scarred. I would go out and have fun and always  have a smile on my face and be the life of the party (because that's my personality), but behind closed doors, I was going through so much pain and agony. Very few of my friends and even less of my family new exactly what I was going through on the inside. So, in this new age of technology and with so many people blogging about everything, I figured I would give this a shot. There are millions of people who have this condition and they continue to suffer in silence or they don't know that they have it because they are too ashamed to speak with their doctor or someone about it. Well I am here to save the day. Anyone, anywhere, anytime, I want to make myself available to you. No matter who it is or what you are going through. And it doesn't just have to be about the same condition that I have, but sometimes it is good to just be able to write and know that someone is listening......even if it's just one person. I've always believed that one voice can start a wave and change a pattern that can change the world. Until next time........this is Kay.......thanks for sitting in Kayz Korner.......TTYL


  1. Your title speaks volumes. This is the case for so many people. Thank you for speaking out and I hope others will adapt your strength to speak about the things holding them captive. Secrets have a way of imprisoning you but once exposed, the relief that comes from that one step is like a catalyst to healing emotional scars.
    Remain strong Cousin...and I pray that a permanent remedy be found to cure this disease. I believe things will only get better from here.


    1. Thank you Mrs. DMZP!!! I have always believed that words hold a lot of power and I also believe that it can help to educate others. If I don't speak and try to get the word out about this, how can I say that I've tried to get help. Closed mouths don't get fed and I'm always hungry!!! LOL!!! Thanks for your support and pass the word, I'll be adding more blogs weekly!!!

  2. This is great i definitely commend you, though we all have had our life alterations since decades ago, I think this will really reach out to alot of us....